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Sharon Nicolaci

Sharon Nicolaci was born in South Africa, and grew up in Johannesburg. Sharon found her passion and creativity for interior design early in life, and was taught and trained by the renowned designer of the time Ms Monica Bosch. After four years of training, Sharon decided that she wanted to live in Cape Town. She quickly found employment in an architectural firm, but this did not offer her the scope she needed for her creativity, and she went to work for Innovation, where she become their in-house designer and manager of their Domestic Division.

After a few years at Innovation Sharon decided it was time for independence and at the tender age of 26 opened her own business, and successfully decorated many of the prominent homes in Cape Town. With her credibility as a top designer firmly established she decided to move back to Johannesburg were most of her family live. Here she joined Spegash Interiors as an Associate, and later acquired the studio. From thereon in, her singular aesthetic firmly took root and flourished.

In addition to designing innumerable cover page interiors, she has made frequent guest appearance on life style related television programs (Top Billing, Home Channel and Kyknet), all the while working her magic on her Blue Chip clients. Sharon has also been enthusiastically involved in SAGID as the national president. She went on to be a co-founder of the new S.A. IID, and has acted in the capacity of President for a number of years and has been awarded honorary membership.

Sharon's work and reputation have continued to grow; she now has an impressive portfolio, but is always ready to take on new challenges. For Sharon, challenge and change are their own rewards.


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