Who is Sharon Nicolaci



Design Process


As qualified and experience Interior Designers, our approach and process when designing in your space, is as follows:

Sharon Nicolaci - Design Process

STAGE 1: Appraisal and definition of the project

  • Receive, appraise and report on the client's brief
  • Indicate and agree on process and fees
  • Complete a project survey

STAGE 2: Design concept and development

  • Prepare a design concept in broad outline showing intended space provisions,
    planning relationships and materials and services intended to be used
  • Advise the client on:
    • The estimated costs in relation to the budget
    • The anticipated project program

STAGE 3: Technical documentation and contract preparation
With the feedback provided, prepare a design showing:

  • Space provisions
  • Floor plans
  • Elevations and section
  • Prepare drawings and documentation i.e. working drawings, specifications and other technical documents necessary to assist in the execution of the works
  • Include samples of materials intended to be used
  • Firm up costings and quotations
  • Finalize of contract team

STAGE 4: Site co-ordination and quality control

  • Obtain offers for the execution of the works and advise the client regarding the award of the building contract / obtain quotations for the execution of the works and advise the client regarding the appointment of subcontractors / contractors
  • Co ordinate the works of all the contractors appointed to the team
  • Quality control of all goods on and off site
  • Co-ordinate all processing and payment of accounts.
  • Prepare contract documentation and arrange the signing thereof

STAGE 5: Compilation of completion list

  • Compile a completion list (snag list) of all outstanding and / or aesthetically unsatisfactory items for completion by the contractors
  • Agree on a timeframe for completion
  • Sign off and complete


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